061807dulcolax.jpgTeachers at the Brooklyn School for Global Studies in Boerum Hill were on the receiving end of a student prank that resulted in arrests and hospitalizations last week. When three seniors at the high school offered their teachers some slices of homemade cake, nobody suspected the students, which included a straight-A student, of filling the baked goods with laxatives as a zany end-of-the-year gag.

Teacher Danilo Dungca took a bite, and tells the Daily News what happened next:

It tasted like someone sprayed hairspray in my mouth. I spit it out. That's when my lips and my tongue went numb. It had red chunks that looked like cherries, but they were bitter. I spit it out....My mouth was numb. I got sick. I went to the bathroom.

And after that, the E.R.! A second teacher also ended up in the hospital later with “breathing problems.” The students had assured the teachers that the red chunks inside the cake filling were candy, but they were actually Dulcolax tablets. Hilarious, right?

Doctors said the teachers’ symptoms were “consistent with insecticide poisoning,” and the News reports additional rumors that students had also sprayed the cake with Raid. What happened to just slipping a razor blade into the apple you leave for teacher? The Health Department tested the cake and found no poisons, but the laxatives were enough for police to consider charging the three students – who are now suspended and prohibited from attending their graduation – with assault.