Three Queens students were brought to the hospital yesterday after complaining of sickness right after they received the H1N1 vaccine. Within twenty minutes of getting vaccinated, one student of PS 124 in South Ozone Park "complained of a headache" says NY1, and overall 16 students said they felt ill. However, of the three girls brought to the hospital, one wasn't even given the vaccine in the first place! Maybe the dog ate her homework?

Elsewhere in the Swine Flu universe, many vaccination clinics for middle and high school students will be open to the general public this weekend. Since "remarkably few pupils showed up for the first weekend of vaccinations," according to the Daily News, the clinics decided to expand since they had extra doses that hadn't been stolen by those fat cats on Wall Street. The nurses will vaccinate anyone who shows up and claims to be in a priority group, including pregnant women, kids and adults up to age 25, and adults with chronic health problems. However, no vaccinations will be given to children under 4, as the nurses are not equipped to handle them. A list of clinics and their hours of operation can be found at or by calling 311.