2008_08_ap.jpgREACH (Rewarding Achievement program), a philanthropic group, is giving cash to students for doing well on AP tests. For a 5 score (which is the highest), students get $1,000; for each 4 score, they get $750 and $500 for each 3. and over 1,000 students from select high schools (ones with high percentages of black and Hispanic students as well as AP class takers) participated, with about $1 million handed out. The Post notes this year's passing rate of 32% is lower than last year's 35% rate. REACH says it will "try and figure out what worked at these schools and how we can apply what happened at these schools to some of the other schools." Still, students are enthusiastic, with one saying, "It got to the point that we were sitting at breakfast and prepping each other on AP US history trivia."