2006_07_mouse.jpgWell, we suppose the Department of Education would have to crack down on the Internets after holding the line on not letting kids bring in cellphones. The DoE wants to prevent students from posting "libelous or defamatory material or literature" online, and if they do, they are in big trouble. The Post reports:

Kindergartners to fifth-graders who disparage their teachers, principals or fellow students on the Web could face a finger-wagging parent conference or be suspended for up to 90 days, according to the proposed discipline code.

For students in sixth grade through high school, derogatory online postings would warrant an automatic suspension and could necessitate expulsion under the new rules.

The regulation would apply to personal Web sites, online diary entries or comments on popular social-networking sites like MySpace.com and Sconex.com.

Okay, how much do we love the idea of kindergarteners starting blogs to bitch about their teachers? Naturally, civil rights lawyers are wondering what ground the DoE has to enforce this, but the DoE wants to make sure that the Internet is not being used to taunt other kids. Yeah, good luck with that one. It's been a while since Gothamist was in school, but what are the college and university policies regarding this? And note that this doesn't prevent parents from going to town on the DoE or teachers...or other students.

The DoE will be holding a public meeting on August 9. The meeting will also be discussing banning paintball guns and stun guns (disguised as cell phones!).