122208school.jpgStudents at a 90% black and Hispanic middle school in Park Slope say their white teacher upbraided them with racial slurs when they disrupted a movie shown in class on Wednesday. 12-year-old Pryce-Gary Forbes tells the Daily News, "She said, 'You don't know how to act. You're acting lower class. You're acting like a whole bunch of n------.'" 14-year-old Tyasia Knight was also in the class, and says, "Our reaction was like, 'What did you just call us?'" And according to Forbes, the teacher offered him candy to keep quiet about the incident! The Department of Education is investigating, but the unidentified teacher, who's employed at the Secondary School for Journalism, denied any wrongdoing when questioned by some low-class reporter: "No, I did not use the N-word in class and that's a fact. You're taking an allegation and you're making something out of it, and that's what it is, a goddamn allegation."