2006_11_collegiate.jpgA student at Collegiate High School had threatened "to go Columbine on this f---ing school", causing a scare amongst students and faculty. The NY Post reports that a 15 year old student had drawn up a list of students and faculty whose brains he wanted to blow out and scrawled his threat on a student lounge message board on Wednesday. He was removed from the exclusive boys' school, and police investigated the incident on Thursday.

Other students said the student had "suffered brutal teasing over his acne." From the Post

On Friday, Collegiate students told The Post the teen had gotten into a fight with a younger student a few weeks ago, and that he had even suggested several times on facebook.com that the boy "kill himself."

That student, other reputed school bullies and some of the stricter faculty members were on the teen's hit list, sources said...

...While expressing concern for the boy's mental health, a group of sophomores described him as an outcast and jested at his cry for help.

Garrett Smith, one boy reported to be on the hit list, joked with a buddy online: "Yeah if I get shot tomorrow do you want my Xbox?"

The student, who had been taken to St. Luke's Roosevelt, was suspended from Collegiate.