The 25-year-old woman accused of "having sex with students for years" and lost her job at a Staten Island Catholic high school is now no longer being charged with any crime.

The Staten Island Advance reported that the S.I. District Attorney's office has dropped the case against Megan Mahoney: "In announcing the dismissal, prosecutors cited no DNA evidence, no admission by the defendant, no witnesses to the alleged affair, no forensic evidence, and no recordings between Ms. Mahoney and the alleged victim. They also said the teen waited nine months to go to cops about the alleged affair."

However, the teen, 16 at the time, told the Post that they had sex in the car, "We would just drive around and [do it] in the car... We were never boyfriend-girlfriend. It was cool. I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. I told my best friend and like three kids." And prosecutors had said Mahoney and the boy had sex 30 times between October 2013 and January 2014.

Mahoney resigned from Moore Catholic High School. The school's athletic director and chief operating officer, Richard Postiglione, (who allegedly knew about the relationship) stepped down as well.

The boy's parents also told they Post they saw the coach pick their son up at home for what appeared to be a date, but they believed Mahoney was a fellow high school student. "She looks young," they teen's father told the tabloid. "You’d never know."

The teen's family reportedly wants "civil recourse in the incident."