2008_12_chairthro.jpgA 12-year-old boy was allegedly hit by teacher, who wielded a chair, in the Bronx. WABC 7 reports that police arrested Kevin Martin, a teacher at Aspire Preparatory Middle School, for reckless endangerment. According to student Joseph Santiago, Martin "was about two feet away from me and he threw it. As he threw it, one of the legs hit me." Santiago was taken to the hospital and suffered bruises; his mother was outraged, "He ended up black and blue. Regardless of anything, I understand that you are angry, but throwing furniture around is not going to help." The teacher's union says that Martin didn't mean to hit Santiago; per WABC 7, "The teacher slammed the chair on the floor and it bounced, hitting the student." In the meantime, Martin is now assigned to administrative duties.