A York College student is in a coma after falling from his roof while trying to escape robbers on Saturday. Harry Martinez allegedly returned to his parents' Bushwick apartment early Saturday morning, where the thugs chased him up to the roof. Though he called 911 from the roof, he either fell or was pushed off before police could reach the scene. He landed in the backyard on concrete. One neighbor told the Post, "I saw him lying down and blood was coming out of his mouth."

Martinez was taken to Elmhurst hospital, where he is currently in critical condition and comatose. His family suspects he may have been followed home from a club, or that robbers may have seen a jar of coins on his windowsill from the street and decided to rob him for it. Prior to leaving his house, Martinez updated his Facebook status, saying "Now I’m on my way 2 a bar and lounge and then take it from there. Lolz! 'Macho Man' 4 life."