It has been one busy afternoon by Cooper Union! Students at the school (and others) walked out of classes this afternoon to protest both the Cooper's coming tuition for grad students as well as the national student debt problem, and as you might expect, they got creative.

Some covered the Peter Cooper sculpture in red tape (quickly taken down), they marched around with lots of police presence and funny signs, and, oh yeah, one student climbed atop that Peter Cooper statue, keeping a "couple dozen police" busy.

Here's how The Local described the scene:

“I’m just trying to bring attention to a cause,” he said while holding a sign reading “No Tuition It’s Our Mission.” The student assured officers, “I’ll come down eventually” as his fellow students cheered from a balcony of the school’s Great Hall. The police have taped off the area in front of the hall facing the statue and have told crowds to stand back. One bystander yelled his support to the student: “Epic scene, dude!”