Kids can be so cruel. And savage and bloodthirsty! Six teens and one tween were recently arrested in Englewood, New Jersey, where a 13-year-old was beaten so brutally that he needs reconstructive surgery to his face to correct several broken bones, and may lose his sight. The horrible assault happened on Friday as eighth grade honor student David Muneton was walking home from school. His attackers (the youngest one age 12) allegedly jumped him as revenge for an earlier incident, in which Muneton accidentally hit a girl with a basketball.

The superintendent at Janis Dismus Middle School says the girl led the boys to Muneton and told them "he's the one." She has also been charged. "We do know that after the girl made the comment one of the people, the boys, who was with him immediately punched him," Superintendent Dr. Richard Segall tells WCBS. "He really didn't deserve to get beat up like that because he really didn't do anything and it wasn't intentional that he hit her with a ball," student Michael Bailey said.

All but three of the students have been released to the custody of their parents, and two of them are required to wear ankle tracking bracelets. Three of the students charged with aggravated assault remain at the juvenile detention center in Paramus, and police are looking for four more suspects.