Pepper spraying isn't just for nonchalant cops and Wal-Mart shoppers, it's fun for ALL ages! A 15-year-old girl allegedly pepper sprayed over a dozen people in the cafeteria of a Bronx high school today, shortly before 1 p.m. The NYPD press office didn't have any information for us about the incident, but a source tells NBC New York that 15 students were treated at the scene and about four to five were taken to the hospital. Now we just have to wait for a photo of the teen to be released so we can get cracking on the next fun Photoshop meme.

According to City Room, Banana Kelly High School on Longwood Avenue was evacuated for about an hour after the incident, and even the principal was pepper sprayed! It's unclear if the girl was arrested, but considering students have been taken into police custody for worse offenses, we imagine she's facing some sort of disciplinary action. On the other hand, if she ever decides she wants to be a cop, this is great resume padding.

Today's incident comes less than a week after a Harlem teen pepper sprayed nine of her classmates, and two weeks after students at another Bronx high school were pepper sprayed. This trend is so hot right now you better grab your pepper spray stocking stuffers while supplies last!