'Stuck On This Garbage For 20 Minutes': Extensive Delays On 7 Line After Report Of Tunnel Smoke

Dashed Arrow Brian / Flickr

Condolences if you had to take the 7 train this drizzly Friday morning. Service was suspended between Manhattan and Queens for at least a half hour after a report of smoke in the tunnel between the boroughs, and now there are "extensive delays."

The FDNY said they received a call at 7:49 about smoke in the tunnel but when firefighters checked it out, it was "unfounded." While the MTA offered details about the smoke condition aroung 8 a.m., some commuters were frustrated that they were waiting without any details on their trains:

At least one commuter regretted their decisions this morning:

Others considered alternative means:

In other subway news from this morning, a dog who was trying to get to work was taken into custody by the police...

...and a raccoon tried to test the subway's reflexes:

And even underground, you'll need an umbrella.

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