We are still under the hot and humid armpit of a high pressure system centered over western North Carolina this morning. With a dew point temperature in the upper 60s and an afternoon high that is expected to reach the lower 90s we will once again have a very muggy, uncomfortable day. If you go to the beach to cool off be aware that there is a high risk of strong rip currents this afternoon.

A cold front late this evening will put a temporary end to the humidity. Before that front arrives there will be a good chance of showers or thunderstorms. As you might imagine, with so much moisture in the air, some of those storms could produce heavy rain.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be much more pleasant than today. Tomorrow's high will still reach the upper 80s but a northwest wind will drop the dew point down to the lower 50s as the day progresses. Wednesday might actually be slightly cooler than normal with the high only reaching the lower 80s.

Now the bad news. The jet stream is expected to arch northward toward the end of the week, allowing the heat and humidity to return. Early indications are that daily highs from Friday through Sunday will be in the lower to mid 90s with enough humidity to make it feel closer to 100 degrees each day.