Anette SorensonAnette Sorenson, the Danish mother who left her enstrollered child outside of Dallas BBQ while she and her husband had dinner, lost out on her attempt to demand money from the NYPD. Sorenson claimed she was stripsearched by the NYPD when arrested for child endangerment, the jury cited lack of evidence. The jury also indicated that if Sorenson were to prove she had been strip searched, she would only be entitled to 50 cents from each of the two police officers.

One additional note: The Post article indicates that the child's father is New York-based. Now this brings a whole, new, and as yet unexamined wrinkle that was briefly debated in the comments about this topic. The child's father is an idiot. If you've been in NY for, oh, more than two days, you realize that no children in strollers are left outside of restaurants.