The Woodbridge township just doesn't know how to party. Police have charged Stanley P. Misiuk with promoting prostitution, claiming he provided members of the Avenel-Colonia First Aid Squad with strippers at their crazy late-night parties—some willing to go the extra mile for some extra cash.

Over the past two years, the ambulance company hosted parties "with knowledge of members of the board and/or high-ranking officers of the squad." And township officials think these raucous parties, one which involved trespassed in an old roller skating rink while the members were on duty, is putting the public at risk.

Livinia Lee Mears, an attorney for the ambulance squad, said the allegations are just part of a "public smear" campaign. She said, "It is very disappointing that the township’s public officials will stop at nothing, including unnecessarily trying to ruin the members’ reputation and abusing the criminal process, to turn the tide of public opinion against the squad when all the squad wants to do is serve the community." Yes, because if there's one thing American's love to hate, it's those dastardly ambulance squads.