Former Flashdancers stripper Sheryl Azevedo is going to court over a cab accident she claims left her with a career-ending scar. Azevedo hopped in a livery cab after finishing her shift in February of 2007. The cab hit a dumpster, and according to Azevedo's lawyer, "Her head hit the partition behind the driver, she was bleeding and she ended up with a scar on her nose." From then on, she said it was nearly impossible to get good stripping jobs in the city, and was forced to take her act to the Midwest.

The cab company claims that, at 34, Azevedo is past her stripping prime anyway, and her age probably had more to do with the lack of work than a scar on her nose. Her ex husband seemed to agree, telling the Post, "There's a lot of less good-looking girls that make money at these clubs." Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Jack Battaglia ruled that a jury will decide whether the scar had any impact on her act.