A discerning dancer at a Times Square peep show nailed an ex-con earlier this month for trying to pay her with phony $10 bills. The unidentified stripper was plying her trade at Gotham City on Eighth Ave, where women perform private dances from behind a glass partition. It was around 2:20 a.m. on May 5th when she noticed that the two ten dollar bills handed to her by customer Michael Harris seemed to be fakes made with an Ink Jet printer. After calling the manager, he confronted Harris, who has done time on a drug conviction. According to court documents obtained by the Post, Harris proceeded to freak out and spilled 21 more bills into the aisle, later telling cops, "I panicked so I dumped them." He was subdued until the arrival of the NYPD and the US Secret Service, which has exclusive jurisdiction in counterfeiting investigations. Apparently, counterfeit money is often passed at peep shows and strip clubs; one employee tells the Post, "It happens all the time." And Gotham City isn't safe from this joker yet—he's currently walking the streets on $2,500 bail.