120408sandersstrip.jpgQueens residents are fuming about a massive billboard of an exotic dancer that's gone up on Rockaway Boulevard to promote the Platinum Gentleman's Club. Fox 5 peeks inside the home of one resident, who shows that when she sits down to look at her Christmas tree, the racy advertisement hovers in the background like a vision of Pottersville. What's worse is her teenage son can see it from his bedroom window, so now he knows about half-naked ladies. Enter City Councilman James Sanders, who says that if Platinum won't tear down that sign, he'll send photographers to the club to "take pictures of the great clientele and post them on the web and wherever we can advertise them." The idea is that attending a strip club is so shameful that clients will be "deterred," but didn't Owen Wilson shatter that myth that time he proudly rode his bike to Scores?