A Queens community has been battling a strip club's billboard all year, and the Daily News says judgment day is on the way. The locals allegedly have no problem with the Platinum Club on Rockaway Blvd, it's their sign they to destroy.

The giant sign jutting from the building features a nearly naked blonde with some well-placed leather straps covering her naughty bits (the same blonde pictured at left). One man told the paper, "It's annoying," and that his two children "often ask about the nearly nude woman."

But now that the club is up for a liquor license renewal, they may have to choose between the sign and booze. The Rosedale Civic Association is teaming up with local leaders to oppose the renewal; Councilman James Sanders Jr. says, "This is just a continuation of the fight. They're not the least bit interested in what the community feels."

However, local business owners (in the mostly commercial area) say while they don't like the club's sign, overall "they help our business."