2007_03_goldfingers.jpgAn employee at Rego Park strip club Goldfingers will face either manslaughter or murder charges after a February 25 incident in which the employees made a now fatal attack on a patron. The patron, Bresnik Prebeza, had been brain-dead on life support, but died on Tuesday after his family had the life support ended.

The incident: Prebeza had lit a cigarette in the club, but was told he couldn't smoke inside. The Daily News says Prebeza stubbed out his cigarette, but then lit another, prompting a shoving match. Prebeza's brother jumped on a bouncer, and then Cesar Paz, who is described as a bouncer in the Post but as a barman in the Daily News, smashed Prebeza's head with a pool cue from behind.

Prebeza's family's lawyer said, "Regardless of what may have occurred inside, the kid did not have a weapon. The excessive amount of force used, especially since he was trying to flee and was already outside the club, was horrific." The family plans on suing Goldfingers for hiring Paz, who has a criminal history.

And in 2003, two patrons killed a bouncer at East Village club Guernica after the bouncer told them they couldn't smoke.