In a personal act of protest against New York's stance on same-sex marriages, Manhattan BP Scott Stringer and fiancee Elyse Buxbaum will get hitched in Connecticut. He told the Times he "can’t imagine not being in this city," but his anger over the state's rejected same-sex marriage bill is enough for him to take his vows elsewhere. He said, "If enough people who have somewhat of a profile — not just politicians, but artists and business leaders — start going into Massachusetts or Connecticut and show New York how embarrassing it is that you can’t get a marriage license for same-sex couples, then we will change things."

Buxbaum said she felt guilty celebrating their marriage in a city where her gay friends couldn't enjoy the same benefits. "I started to feel terrible,” she said. "I was sharing something that not everybody could have." Stringer said, "We both agreed it was the right thing to do." The couple will still hold a ceremony in New York City in September, but will obtain their marriage license and have a civil ceremony in Connecticut a few days before.