Today, a reader wrote on Gothamist Contribute:

The Building on Wooster and Grand (across from the Deitch gallery) has been hit BAD by the splasher. I walk by it on the way to work every morning. Not only was the street art covered, but practically the entire building in green paint! He also had his beloved "manifesto" up. No camera for a picture unfortunately, but this has to be his most extreme hit yet.

We went down to take a look, and it does seem like the Splasher has struck again. The green paint is kind of crazy - it sort of make it look like the building is condemned. We wonder how he managed to get so much paint all over the place. Or maybe he has a new friend, Giant Sprayer.

Update: Will at Razor Apple explains who Giant Sprayer is: "It's just Katsu" (see other tags here). And what's more, it looks like Katsu used the High Writer. Thanks, Will! We'll go back to our baby panda smuggling research.

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