2007_12_webinar2.JPGOur MTA Webinar lunch plans are frozen at the moment. We sort of wish the "technical difficulties" prompt was accompanied by a "signal problem" or "police activity" reference to complete the atmosphere.

The MTA just released the new fare hikes for unlimited and pay-per-ride Metrocards. The base fare will remain at $2, though only 15% of the riding population buys the base fare.


We didn't see any questions or answers during the time we were logged onto the MTA webinar. Right before the webinar closed, the screen showed this:


Somehow, a shot of the computer desktop (Windows!) from the person who was organizing the webinar was posted. Weird! Since we don't know anything else about the webinar, here's a blast from August, when the August 8 rainstorms (and trees) caused flooding that effectively shut down the subway system and the public's desire to have answers totally overwhelmed the MTA website.