2007_07_610.JPGOn Gothamist Contribute, someone wrote about an incident that occurred at 6th Avenue and 10th Street in Manhattan:

I went running at 5:15 and there were cops and detectives all over the corner by Ansonia pharmacy. The whole area was taped off. I asked a bodega owner and he said a guy jumped from a building. When the pharmacy opened I went in and asked and she said she thought it was a hit and run. She said detectives came in this morning and asked if they had cameras outside of the bldg. and told her a body was found outside.

Have you heard anything about this? It's a quiet area for something to happen and not hear about it.

It turns out it may have been a hit-and-run - and a man was killed

. Now WNBC is reporting that police believe former NBC News producer Eric Wishnie may have fallen to his death. He was found lying in the street at 2:51AM, and now it seems that his injuries are consistent with those of a fall victim. The police had been looking for a driver, who may have hit him, but there were no witnesses, vehicle parts, or visible skid marks, but they have now called off the investigation.

Wishnie was the husband of NBC News correspondent Dawn Fratangelo, who many will remember as being a WNBC anchor during the 6PM broadcast in the early 1990s.