Because we've been obssessing over it a bit, the paranoia of the week for Gothamist is "transit strike." And there's a NY Times new analysis that explains why a strike is very very possible this week - money and pride being two big ones. The latest we heard, the Transit Workers Union wanted an 8% raise every year over a three year contract, while the MTA's offer was a 3% raise then a 2% raise in a two year contract - which means there's 19% to haggle over. And that's a lot.

The Daily News has a Q&A with TWU leader Roger Touissant, who says that if workers do strike, it's a sign that you shouldn't cross them. The Post looks at how much TWU leaders are making (lots, for some) and how workers got a instructions on how to "slow down". And the city is looking into how the Taylor Law, which prohibits city employees from striking and abandoning their duties, can be enforced, but unions are looking into creating funds that would help pay for fines if striking members are penalized. So, here are carpool staging areas in case you commute from these outer points. As for sharing taxis to work if there's a strike, think about using these fare-splitting ideas. And have you thought about what you'll do in case there's a strike? We'll probably try to "telecommute" on Friday but will probably end up crashing with a friend who lives a scant 25 blocks from work if the strike enters next week.