2006_06_bouncer.jpgAs the city examines how to regulate bouncers, the NYPD revealed that it found 41 "unlicensed security guards" working at 42 bars last weekend. And some of the bouncers had "previous arrest records for everything from rape to illegal gun possession and drug charges," according to the Post. The City Council has been holding hearings about tougher regulation, and bar owners are cooperative, but want regulations to apply to security personnel only (so a server or bartender could have a criminal record?). The legislation would give the police and Department of Consumer Affairs the power to shut down an establishment with unlicensed bouncers or bouncers with records; the NYPD is also looking to define a guard as "anyone who might be called upon to break up a fight, such as a host or hostess, and making bar owners keep detailed records of who is on duty at any given time."

The NY Nightlife Association is calling for police support, as it's the NYPD's job to "police the sidewalks." The increased attention on bouncers comes after bouncer Darryl Littlejohn was named the prime suspect in the Imette St. Guillen murder and bouncer Stephen Sakai killed one patron and shot three others while on the job.