We all should already know that SUVs are not the safest of vehicles under any circumstances, but in case you weren't sure the Daily News take a moment today to hammer the point home: Though they comprise fewer than 15% of passenger vehicles in the city they were responsible for 26% of pedestrian deaths from passenger vehicles.

Much of the problem can be traced to the design of SUVs, experts say. Cars tend to hit pedestrians in the legs, throwing them onto the hoods but not causing as many head injuries. SUVs, however, tend to hit pedestrians higher, in their chests and heads, and throw them forward, causing more serious injuries. So a person struck by a car has a 5% chance of dying - but that jumps to 11% for someone struck by an SUV, a national study of fatalities showed.

Lessons learned from the article: look both ways before crossing the street, if you drive an SUV you should sell it or be extra vigilant while driving, and if you are going to be hit by an SUV it is probably better to be on the taller side. But wait, couldn't we solve a bunch of this problem by charging a congestion tax just for SUVs?

Graphic from ROoLUT.