The latest store to pawn off real fur as faux is Strawberry (which has numerous locations throughout the city). According the Humane Society of the U.S., the "leading New York-area retailer was recently found selling real fur vests marked as 'faux fur' and unlabeled sweaters trimmed with raccoon dog fur." Maybe they're just trying to keep up with the big names, like Barneys!

The HSUS has called on the retailer to drop real fur from the racks, where they've also got some rabbit-fur fashions hanging. The organization's Patrick Kwan told us this afternoon, "New Yorkers know Strawberry as one of the city’s leading retailers of affordable fashion, but the pointless killing of animals for fur is a fashion statement we can all do without and the animals cannot afford. The Humane Society of the United States trusts that Strawberry does not wish to support animal cruelty and will join the hundreds of other leading retailers to go fur-free."

They ask that you call Strawberry at (201) 393-0600 "and politely ask the company to say no to the cruel, unnecessary fur trade," and/or you can fill out and submit this form. While you do that, we're going to sit back and try to figure out how we can blame Olivia Palermo for all of this.