Yesterday, the Mets inducted four beloved Mets—and members of its 1986 World Series Championship team—into its hall of fame: Slugger Darryl Strawberry, pitcher Dwight Gooden, manager Davey Johnson and general manager Frank Cashen were celebrated in a pre-game ceremony. Gooden, whose personal problems have been in the news lately, said, "This is really, really amazing, and it feels so good to be home. There was no better feeling than when I took the mound, there were two strikes on the batter, and all you guys were standing and clapping for the third strike."

Gooden, who remains the youngest pitcher even to win the Cy Young Award (he was 20 in 1985), was greeted by a "massive ovation." Darryl Strawberry, the Mets' leader in home runs (252), RBIs (733) and runs scored (662), told the crowd, "I think '86 was the greatest year of my life, to be able to play in the World Series and win the World Series. There is no question in my mind this is where it all started for me." As for Citi Field, Strawberry said, "This place would never have held me."

Of course, the current Mets had to ruin the day by getting shelled by the Diamondbacks, 14-1. The NY Times described the festivities and then the horror, "The fans applauded throughout, reveling in happy memories of accomplishments that have yet to be duplicated. Then the game began, and the 35,014 in attendance were again reminded that this year’s Mets do not resemble that team."