With work planned on nearly every subway line and about 600 shuttle buses dispatched to cart around the huddled masses, straphangers are saying service couldn't be more of a bitch this weekend. And sorry, L train riders, you've now been cursed with the "Planned Work" label too! "On the bus, off the bus! On the bus, off the bus! It's just a hassle," said Steven Malcolm as he tried to get from Washington Heights to the Bronx. Diana Perez was ready to take names, griping, "I'm very irritated. Really mad. What's the point of me buying this MetroCard? This is a lie."

Officials say the changes are a necessary evil to complete construction and repairs through the system, but that doesn't make it any easier to navigate. Subway Weekender created this map [PDF] of the weekend train routes so you can actually see where those dreaded shuttle buses will take you, but some say they'll sign off the MTA altogether. "I'll walk!" said one 16-year-old. For those of us trying to get from borough to borough, it might be time for a swim.