Four MTA workers landed in the hospital following a heated altercation between straphangers on Tuesday night, having found themselves in the blast zone when the argument escalated to pepper spray.

According to the NYPD, a fight broke out on a southbound 6 train pulling into Grand Central around 7 p.m. As the doors opened, one of the men involved hit the other with a blast of chemical liquid, which authorities identified as pepper spray. He then sped off, reportedly leaving four sputtering platform conductors (and his sickened adversary, a 29-year-old man) in his wake.

One of the platform conductors, reportedly alerted to the situation by a passenger yelling about a "crazy man" on the train, spotted a man doubled over and pouring water on his head, according to the NY Daily News. The lingering chemical cloud, however, blocked her from going over to help him.

"I couldn't talk. It was burning my throat. I was coughing. I couldn't get close to him. The smell was so overpowering," the MTA worker told the Daily News.

The MTA workers were taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment, and the rider who got sprayed reportedly sought medical attention on his own.

Police do not have a suspect in their crosshairs at this time.