2006_03_colliton.jpgAs if the story about the former white shoe attorney who paid a mother have sex with her underage daughers couldn't get crazier: The younger daughter now claims her mother never pimped her out and that it was all her older sister's doing. The younger girl, who is now 15, feels terrible that her mother was arrested for prostituting her daughters, because she says her older sister actually pushed her into relationship when the older sister tried to extort James Colliton, tax lawyer at Cravath, after becoming pregnant by another man and needed money. The sisters' cousin also claims the older sister's relationship with Colliton began when she was 18, not 15 as she told the police, and the girls' father is trying to get the younger sister to tell the police. The Post has the wild story:

The teen says that when she heard her mom could get 15 years in prison, she wanted to come forward, but her sister stopped her.

"She doesn't want me to help my mom. She said that she wants me to stay to my word because it will look bad on me. She said if I change my story, I'm going to jail," the 15-year-old said in the company of her father, Raul, who urged her to tell the truth.

He's been trying to convince his terrified daughter to give a sworn statement to his ex-wife's lawyer in the hopes of getting her set free. But the girl has been conflicted because she doesn't want her sister to go to jail and have her sister's 1-year-old daughter placed in foster care.

The girls' mother has been claiming all along that her daughters were lying about her involvement. Colliton, who was captured at the St. Mark's Hotel after being on the run, has been at Rikers. It's unclear what these statements may do to the DA's case.