2007_02_102116.jpgThe story about the off-duty cop shooting a man who was chasing him with a metal bar Friday night is, quite honestly, nuts. The police say Sergeant Quillan Virgil lives in Queens next to a landlord who wanted to evict his tenant, 20-year-old Talwinder Singh. The NY Times says Virigl "advised" the landlord on how evict Singh, which made Singh upset. So around 8PM on Friday night, a drunken Singh kicked Virgil's front door so hard that glass shattered.

Virgil and his wife thought they were being robbed, and when Virgil went to the door, Singh threatened him with a Bullworker exercise bar and chased him to 103rd Avenue and 116th Street. Virgil told Singh to drop the bar many times, but Singh kept chasing him, so the off-duty cop shot him once in each leg. Singh is in stable condition and was charged with menacing, criminal mischief, attempted assault and more.

But the Daily News has some other interesting information: Apparently Virgil told the landlord that Singh had been "sneaking up to see the landlord's wife" which caused the landlord to ask how he could evict Singh!