2005_11_355e86.jpgA 21 year old exotic dancer was found murdered in her Upper East Side apartment. And the odd thing is that Catherine Woods was apparently killed during the 20 minutes her boyfriend left the apartment to move his car. The Daily News says the killing was brutal, that Woods "was attacked so viciously she was nearly decapitated," with police saying. "It was a bloody mess, like a bucket of red paint had been tossed around." While Woods' parents say that her daughter was an off-Broadway dancer, boyfriend David Haughn told the police that she danced at strip club Flash Dancers (for a possible crazed customer stalking angle?). However, Flash Dancers management denied that she worked there. Neighbors say they heard a struggle and screams around 6:20 PM, which is when Haughn allegedly left the apartmen briefly, and told reporters they were shocked. One said to the Post, "It's a very good area. It's a very low-key building. Nothing happens here."