2007_01_bxinfan.jpgYesterday, a Bronx woman told police that her baby had been abducted at gunpoint while at Jacobi Hospital, where the baby had a checkup. But now the police say there was never an abduction. It turns out the woman had been changing her story to the police "every half hour," according to a Daily News source.

The police questioned her story, partly because the mother waited 45 minutes after the alleged abduction before calling 911. From the Daily News:

Then the mother told police a new tale. She said gave birth to the boy at Jacobi on Dec. 17, but he was premature so she left him there until New Year's Eve. She then took two buses to Queens, she said, where, she said, the infant started to choke on something.

Cops said she told them she got off the bus and fearing the baby had suffocated, put him in a the large trash bin at 98th St. and Northern Blvd.

She apparently came up with the kidnapping story to explain the child's disappearance to doctors because the infant had a checkup.

The police will now look for the baby's remains in Pennsylvania landfills. The mother has not been charged with any wrongdoing.