Just a day after the Knicks offered him $100 million for a five-year contract, former Phoenix Suns player Amare Stoudemire was spotted taking in a Broadway show (Rock of Ages, FWIW) last night. He told reporters, "I've talked to Carmelo Anthony to come out here, I've talked to Tony Parker. Both those guys are ready to join me if I decide to come here, so I'm gonna see if we can work it out." And Stoudemire said of the Knicks, "It's one of the most historic franchises in NBA history. It's a beautiful city, Madison Square Garden is definitely one of the most intriguing places to play, so [the Knicks] definitely have a few great points on their side."

The Daily News says that two reporters tried to sneak into the show but wer thrown out. However, the media was able to get Stoudemire's agent, Happy Walters, to say that chances are pretty good the 27-year-old will be in a New York state of mind, "Yes, I mean we are here aren't we? Hopefully it goes well (Monday). We are here in New York, aren't we?"

The power forward will be watching the Yankees play the Blue Jays today. And he likes the Yankees: "Derek Jeter is obviously one of my favorite [players] of all time. Joba Chamberlain is a good friend of mine, so I'm looking forward to taking in the game tomorrow."