evacsign.jpgEnjoy the sun while you can this weekend because a major Nor'easter is headed our way and it's got state officials scrambling to avoid the appearance of Katrina-like unpreparedness. Heavy rains and high winds are expected and the National Weather Services has issued a Coastal Flood Warning for littoral residents on Long Island and near the New York Harbor because of an expected storm surge hitting the east coast. A press release from New York's Office of Emergency Management provides the following suggestions for storm preparation:
In advance of the storm:

* Keep a battery operated radio to ensure you are able to hear weather and emergency updates
* Stay tuned to television and radio news broadcasts for updated information as the storm develops
* Secure outdoor objects such as lawn furniture or garbage cans that could blow away and cause damage or injury
* Know the safest route from your home or place of business to safe, high ground should you have to evacuate in a hurry
* Have your Go Bag and Emergency Supply Kit ready to go in the event of evacuation or loss of power. (Information on Go Bags and Emergency Supply Kits can be found at OEM’s website: www.nyc.gov/oem)

The OEM site also has a page of evacuation instructions that is intended for hurricanes, but we think it applies in this case. A Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder will tell you if your neighborhood is at risk from storm surge flooding or you can call 311 and ask (we tried calling and it works!). The city's Ready New York brochure is available for download in a .pdf format and in multiple language versions.