You know a cold front has passed by when your high temperature for the day is reached at 7:35 in the morning and the minimum is reached at midnight as was the case yesterday. We peaked at 38 degrees early yesterday morning and colder and colder air swept over us pretty much continuously until this morning. It will remain chilly and gloriously sunny today. Warm weather will return tomorrow and remain for a few days. The weather early next week could get interesting. We will most likely get more Arctic air. There's a good chance that a significant low pressure system will form over the Atlantic. Exactly where that storm will form, and whether we get snow, rain, or nothing, is unknown at this time. The Weather Service and AccuWeather are both hedging their bets, balancing dispassionate, responsible and professional forecasts with a weather geek's desire for a crapload of snow.

Samarra Khaja provides us with another stunning image today. Gothamist hopes you are enjoying her work as much as we are (Monday and Tuesday images).

The penguin in today's illustragraph prodded Gothamist to look at Antarctica's weather. Despite 24 hours of sunlight, today's high temperature at the South Pole will be –13 F. The giant B-15 iceberg is preventing the ice from melting in McMurdo Sound. Meanwhile, NASA's Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite (ICESat), is measuring Antarctica's topography in great detail.