2007_11_dopp.jpgWell if it's not the driver's license issue that's plaguing Governor Spitzer, it's Troopergate and its fallout. Spitzer's former communications director Darren Dopp (pictured), who was faulted for at least co-devising a plan to smear Spitzer rival State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, may have perjured himself during an investigation and now the Albany County DA's office has opened an inquiry.

Back in July, Dopp gave a sworn written statement to Attorney General Cuomo. But it seems that that the statement may conflict with a "secret diary" Dopp kept (okay, the Daily News also refers to it as "secret handwritten notes"). Plus, his testimony to the State Ethics Commission seems to conflict with testimony from two other Spitzer aides.

A source tells the Post, "We were told that Soares' inquiry at this point is solely and exclusively about whether or not Darren testified falsely before the Ethics Commission...There clearly have been absolutely contradictory sworn statements between witnesses from the governor's office, and I think very few people realize how serious this is." It's gotten to the point where Dopp's original lawyer has had to resign, because he may be called as a witness in the perjury investigation!

When asked about this new inquiry, Spitzer said, "I had no involvement in this, none whatsoever," notably refusing to out-and-out defend Dopp. But he did add, "I would not wish this on anybody."