Remember back in 2010 when two young Staten Island men decided to beat and try to rob a gay man in the bathroom of the legendary gay bar The Stonewall Inn? Well, 18-year-old Christopher Orlando, the younger of the pair, was sentenced to 60 days in jail yesterday for his part in the attack. Meanwhile his older partner in crime, Matthew Francis (whose sister, you might recall, is "a full-blown lesbian"), was sentenced to two years in jail on similar charges assault as a hate crime and attempted robbery charges last September.

So why did Orlando get off with a lighter sentence—one which will be sealed if he stays out of trouble because of his age? "He was the minor participant," his lawyer explains. In other words, while Francis was beating 34-year-old Benjamin Carver in the Inn's bathroom, Orlando wasn't hitting him. He was just holding him down.

The 2010 incident went down after Carver approached Francis at the bar's urinal and asked if he was gay. When Francis balked (neither underage drinker had figured out it was a gay bar) he then demanded money from the older man. When none was forthcoming he and his younger pal Orlando beat the crap out of the older man. "Get away from me, faggot," Francis yelled. "I don't like gay people."