Over the weekend one shelter for hurricane victims made headlines for its unsanitary conditions, and now a dozen people staying in another shelter have been afflicted with a stomach virus. The John Jay High School in Park Slope, which has been used as a makeshift shelter for Zone A refugees, was supposed to reopen tomorrow.

But during Bloomberg's press conference today, the mayor announced the school will be closed for cleaning tomorrow because of the illness. He attributed the closure to "an abundance of caution," and that none of the residents had been seriously sick, though the necessity of a whole day's worth of cleaning doesn't sound so promising. "The school will be thoroughly cleaned and then reopened," Bloomberg said. "But we're going to take security precautions as the most important thing here."

Another shelter set up at the High School of Graphic Communication Arts was described by teachers last week as "essentially an 1,100-person homeless shelter." Despite insistence from officials that the school building would be clean this week, students were bussed to other locations on Monday.