2007_06_uplace8th.jpgA bicyclist and three pedestrians were injured as a man driving a stolen van jumped a curb in an attempt to escape the police. The incident occurred on Eighth Street, as the police - driving one of those undercover patrol cars that look like taxis - were pursuing the van up University Place. The driver "made a hard right onto Eighth," according to the Post, which also has pictures.

That "hard right" the van made caused it to almost crash into the Dallas BBQ on the corner; the van, instead, hit a car at the intersection, hit the cyclist, and crashed into other parked cars. After the crash, the driver tried to leave the scene, but one Dallas BBQ diner apprehended him. Sherwin Caton told the Daily News, "The guy looked around and saw no one was there, so he tried to run. I chased him for a half block, jumped on him and brought him down. He tried to struggle, but he seemed to be on something. I put my knees on his back and his hands behind his back until the police came." Caton added to the Post, "He couldn't put up a fight. I know how to take people down."

The driver and injured parties were taken to Bellevue with non-life-threatening injuries.