Yesterday, we were all ears when we heard a rabbit was bunny-napped from a swank SoHo shop front window Wednesday evening. The owners of Alexander Berardi believed that a pair of cowboys had made off with the bunny. Thankfully, the rabbit was returned yesterday—and renowned Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein told the Daily News he was overjoyed: “I always make a point of walking by and waving at the rabbits. I’m glad it’s going to be a happy ending.”

Christopher Kulukundis, co-owner of the Prince Street clothing store, picked up the popular bunny Miss Cooper from the 1st Precinct station house just after midnight Saturday morning. Details are hazy about who dropped the bunny off, whether it was the man in a black Stetson with a handlebar mustache and the lady in a white cowboy hat whom Kulukundis believed had taken her. We're just plenty relieved that Miss Cooper didn't go the way of tiny Til, the three-week-old earless bunny who was mistakenly crushed to death on German television.