2008_08_poshooting.jpgPolice say that in an attempt to investigate a stolen Mustang, the suspect gave chase, hitting a police officer whose gun "accidentally discharged." The incident occured around 8 p.m, at East 55th Street and Clarkson in Brooklyn; the suspect died at Kings County Hospital.

According to the NY Post, the police had run the Mustang's plates and discovered it was taken from a NJ auto dealership. A leiutenant and another officer, "in uniform in an unmarked car, pulled over the stolen vehicle" and also got backup. When the driver refused to get out, he tried to drive away and ultimately made a U-turn into the cops. A witness said, "I saw five police officers running toward the car and surrounding it, yelling, 'Stop! Stop!'" but then he says they "scattered because he was driving so fast. They didn't want to get run over."

The car hit the lieutenant, whose weapon was drawn. A source told the Daily News, "When he got hit, his gun went off," going through the rear windshield window. The police officer was not seriously injured.

Two other passengers, a 14-year-old and 18-year-old, were not injured.