Photograph by Mark Lennihan/AP

While there were worries of huge losses after overseas markets fell, U.S. stocks were down about 3%: The Dow fell 312 points (-3.59%), while the Nasdaq fell 3.23% and S&P 500 dropped 3.45%. This photograph, above, taken earlier in the day when the Dow fell 400 some points, juxtaposes a ticker with an eerily appropriate ad for Madgascar 2.

The NY Times notes, "Just a year ago, a drop of that size would have been considered a very bad day, but for investors in these tumultuous days it almost came as a bit of a relief," but CNBC added, "Not everyone was happy that a washout never materialized. Analysts who thought a steeper decline in stocks would bring about a bottom were let down." Well, there's always next week: GDP data will be released!