The long-feared Rise of the Stingrays has begun, with a daring strike on the sleepy beach community of Sheepshead Bay. A brave tipster sent this photo Sheepshead Bites, showing the first wave of the dreaded invasion. In a report that is maddeningly incomplete, blogger Ned Berke explains that the tipster "didn’t know how it got up there, but she said it was still alive and that she guessed a fisherman caught it and didn’t know what to do, which might explain the blood underneath it. She also doesn’t know what happened to it afterwards."

If the stingray is anything like us, he ended up dying of a heart attack upon realizing how quickly the bill adds up at Randazzo's Clam Bar. RIP, stingray. According to NBC, we're going to be seeing a lot more of your brethren up here in the parts, because of global warming. Please don't eat ALL the scallops, okay?