There's a new way (old) way to get to Coney Island: The F & Q trains are up and running again, arriving at the new $280 million renovated Stillwell Avenue subway station. Before, the subway had been diverted to Brighton Beach, and the loss of F and Q service attributed to a 50% drop in business, according to one business owner. The N will return next year when construction is complete on the station, which includes a solar roof.

The Post also reports there will be new maps: "Trains with diamond designations like the A, B, D, M and 5 will be replaced with dotted lines on maps. Only the 6 and 7-Diamond will remain to signify express service." More information from the MTA. And for more about NYC subway, check out NYC Subway.

Also, take the reopened Stillwell Avenue stop as reason to go to Totonno's for pizza; Slice recommends the plain.