Jets fans can be forgiven for a feeling of disillusionment after their team's 45-3 loss at New England on Monday. The game that may have decided the AFC East race has also created more than a shadow of doubt about this Jets team, which fell to 9-3 with the loss. Coach Rex Ryan, who buried the game ball in an effort to put the defeat behind his team, keeps saying the effort was "only one game." But the Jets have hardly looked like world beaters in many of their games this season, so is it really fair to call that loss "only one game"?

The Dolphins hung tough with the Jets but didn't beat them when the teams met Week 3 this season in Miami. If the Jets want to keep realistic hopes of winning the division, they cannot drop this game, which would give them two division losses. The Patriots may lose one of their final four games, but their toughest come out of the AFC East.

What do the Jets have to do better? Pass the ball, for one. Mark Sanchez has fallen on tough times for the second straight season. He had three interceptions on Monday, but he played poorly before that. He has shown the ability to rally his team, but he's also been mediocre for several games this season. A victory would give the Jets a 10-win season. A loss would cause a full-fledged panic. Expect a close Jets win.