We can't get enough of hearing how the Department of Education's school bus route changes are totally insane. Here are some more examples:

- Little kids on Staten Island waiting in 21 degree weather for 50 minutes for a bus - 10 year old Nessa Bratslavsky lives too close to school, but since her parents won't let her take the subway and her family can't keep taking her themselves, she might have to leave her gifted program - Sisters Amanda, 7, and Sally, 5, Gresser both attend PS 114 - but 5 year old Sally was given a Metrocard to take a city bus while Amanda was allowed to take a school bus! - The Gressers' neighbors, Sam and Isabelle Neibel, were told they couldn't ride the bus anymore (but they ended up taking the bus with Amanda and Sally and all was fine) - The DOE did change one student's 5:45AM bus to 6:55AM - but the student only found out after she went to get the bus at 5:45AM - And a commenter said, "My 5 year old's bus change now means that her morning commute is an hour---for a school that is less than 2 miles away... A schoolmate of hers must get on another bus a 1/2 hour earlier than before---only to arrive at the school before it even opens (classes start 1/2 after that)."

The DOE said that they were sorry for the problems, but some of the fault was the parents not submitting proper applications. And the reduced bus routes will save the DOE $12 million off its more than $1 billion transportation bill. Again, we know saving money is important, but making kids endure hours of commutes or commutes by public transportation when subways or buses might not be close by is just nuts.

The Staten Island Advance has an editorial wondering who will be accountable for this mess.

Photograph of zombies during ZombieCon attacking a school bus by sgoralnick on Flickr